Video Links:

Announcement @ Detroit Jazz Festival (Brad-2010)

Au Privave (Duet-2010)

Beautiful Love (Trio-2011)

Birdlike (Trio-2010)

Birks' Works (Trio-2011)

Blame It On My Youth (Trio-2010)

Blues on the Corner-Take 1 (Duet-2010)

Blues on the Corner-Take 2 (Duet-2010)

Body and Soul (Duet-2010)

Close Your Eyes (Duet-Circa 2010)

Concertino for Tuba and Band (Concert Band-1974)

Confirmation (Duet-2011)

Cuernavaca (Sextet-1990)

Dance of Death (Brad-Circa 1994)

The Death of an Illusion (Quartet-1994)

Dedicated to You (Duet-2010)

Donna Lee (Duet-2010)

Don't Hold On (Trio-2010)

Empathic (Sextet-2010)

Fifth Floor Fourth Door (Quintet-1989)

Four Bach Two-Part Inventions (Brad-Circa 1990)

Gingerbread Boy (Duet-2010)

Head (Brad-1994)

High Contrast (Trio-2010)

I Want to Talk About You (Duet-2010)

If I Should Lose You (Duet-2010)

If You Came To Me For Love (Trio-2011)

Imprint (Quintet-2010)

Imprint/First Call (Quintet-2010)

Inner Urge (Quartet-2011)

Invitation (Quartet-1997)

Invocation (Trio-2011)

It Could Happen to You (Duet-2010)

I've Never Been in Love Before (Duet-2010)

"Just Stenecki" (1992)

"Keepers of the Flame - Jazz Masters" (Quintet-Circa 1990)

Launch Control (Trio-2010)

Lex (Quintet-1989)

Lost in the Summer (Trio-2010)

Lost in the Summer (Duet-2010)

Lost in the Summer (Quintet-2010)

Man From Tanganyika (Sextet-Circa 1986)

Marjory (Brad-Circa 1994)

Mayreh (Quartet-1991)

Moment's Notice (Nonet-1991)

Mood Malody (Quartet-1994)

My Ideal (Trio-2010)

My Shining Hour (Duet-2010)

Off Set (Septet-Circa 2010)

On Green Dolphin Street (Duet-2010)

One By One (Septet-Circa 2010)

"P.J. Lids" (Quartet-1994)

"P.J. Lids" (Quintet-2010)

Pancakes and Bacon at 4 AM (Quintet-2008)

Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Duet-2010)

The Replacement Player (Quintet-2008)

Roll Call (Quintet-1989)

Russian Folk Song (Brad-Circa 2006)

Samba de Romance (Quintet-1992)

Serenity @ Michigan Jazz Festival (Quartet-2011)

Serenity-Rehearsal (Quartet-2011)

Simone (Trio-2011)

Simone (Duet-2010)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Duet-2010)

Sometime in the Fall (Duet-2010)

Sometime in the Fall (Quintet-2010)

Sometime in the Fall (End)/Pancakes and Bacon at 4 AM (Quintet-2010)

Star Eyes (Duet-2010)

Stompin' (Quintet-1989)

Surface Dwellers (Quintet-2010)

Susan Samba (Quintet-1992)

Tales of the Iron Orchid (Septet-Circa 2010)

Tchiakovsky in Brooklyn (Quartet-1994)

Three Romanian Pies (Quintet-Early 1980s)

Three Sheets to the Wind (Sextet-Circa 1986)

To See What's There (Quintet-Circa 1980)

The Truth About You (Brad-1994)

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Duet-Circa 2010)

Up Jumped Spring (Duet-2010)

Waltz for the Unicorn Girl (Quartet-1991)

Waltz on the Void (Quintet-1989)

When Lights Are Low (Duet-2010)

Yes or No (Quartet-Early 2000s)

You and the Night and the Music (Duet-2010)

You Don't Know What Love Is (Duet-2010)

You Walked Away (Quintet-1990)

You're History (Sextet-Circa 2006)

You're My Everything (Duet-2010)